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Zero and Leviathan
The mission wasn't over just yet.
Days after the amnesiac figure called Zero was re-awakened, he joined the Resistance against Neo Arcadia. The ruler was a robot named X. According to Ciel, this X is actually a copy of the real X, who was said to be Zero's partner. Right now, Zero couldn't remember anything at all, but right now, he had a mission to report. He had a mission to destroy computers that were hacking the systems in the Resistance Base. However, Ciel had reported that the Trans Server wasn't working at the moment, so Zero had to return to the Base on foot.
When he entered the facility, Zero noticed one thing right away. There was water everywhere. Almost the entire facility was flooded. However, there were platforms leading to a secret chamber where the computers were being held. After Zero had destroyed them, he exited the room, and jumped into the water to swim back to the Base to confirm that his mission was a success. But then, Zero suddenly stopped and his eyes widened.
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Hello my fellow watchers, Story tellers and artists, as you're reading this, yes, I have beaten the game, but for those who want to get the game and don't want to get spoiled with the ending or events in the game, well, this is for you, since I have no intention to write a spoiler, but I will say this I'm going to narrow it down, and yes there are things that I have to say that you guys will not like about this game, just because it's good doesn't mean it doesn't have any flaws.

Combat: I can't tell you how many times I can go on Video or go to a board and see. "This game needs to be turned based." "This is the worst game since it doesn't have turned based combat." Well, to me, I've always wanted to experience the games in active time, than turn based, now hear me out, the reason being is imagine this, you attack your enemies and those attacks miss, however when an enemy or boss strikes you, it's always a hit even the most powerful attacks that your opponents have never miss, then it's game over.

I can't tell you how many times I get tired of this. -_-, if my attacks can miss so can the enemy regardless of low or high level you are in the games, but with Final Fantasy XV, yours and the enemies attacks are always missable, you can dodge their attack and they can dodge yours, that's why I wish it happened more often with the Active battles than the original turn based battles (If you still like the turn based battles that FF had before, that's good, this is just my opinion.)

Day/Night Shift: I like the idea of the Day and Night shift, but just like Majora's Mask, I feel like time flies most of the time, like when you're on a mission, the game will get your characters up at 9am then before you make it to your objective it becomes night, to the point where you have to go and get some rest before finishing your objective, not only that, but when you try to go back to the hotel or caravan where you last stayed, you can't use the car, which forces you to take on high leveled monsters, which can give you a game over pretty quickly, Iggy, I like you as a brother, but you also have to understand that when your tired, your tired, there's no way around it.

Characters: I can honestly say that I really do enjoy the characters, though there are some that really needed to be in the game, if you've seen the trailers, you'll know what I mean, the idea of some of the characters can be pretty interesting, come on, Square Enix, I know darn well, you're being like Ubisoft with the TMNT 2007 Video Game and holding out on us.

Story: The story is amazing, nuff said, but there are some flaws to it, I'll leave it up to you to figure what those are, but for me, one area, it doesn't matter how high your level is, it's still hard to take down some enemies.

Sidequests: The Sidequests are amazing in their own way, but some as I've said previously does have it's moments where you will have to fight during the night, which I've noticed actually led me and the AI Allies to a monster that can demolish your characters if you're not too careful.

And that's all I've got to say about this review.

For the game, I'll give it a 9.5/10


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